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Iron Tray 12×12

1,200.00Per Piece Price Incuding all tax
Use them to serve drinks, cup cakes, breakfast in bed, coffee at hotels, bars or party. These serving trays will give your kitchen or your living room a special natural touch. Use them to beautifully decorate your cake table

Iron Tray 8×8

750.00Per Piece Price Incuding all tax
  • Multi-purpose trays are not only great for serving food such as breakfast, snacks, wine, drinks, fruits at home or party, but also great as organizer tray for collecting small stuff such as jewelry, candle, jars at table.

WDN Painted Premium Trays Big

2,000.00Per Piece Price Incuding all tax
  • MULTI-FUNCTION SERVING TRAY: Perfect size tray set for any food and dishware service; great choice for making a charcuterie board, bed tray, breakfast tray, dinner, drinks, cake, and appetizer display; you can use them in family activities, parties, offices, bathrooms, and dressing tables. You can also Place Items such as nail polish, makeup, art supplies, hair accessories and jewelry.

WDN Painted Premium Trays Med

1,700.00Per Piece Price Incuding all tax
  • These serving boards are a can’t-miss gift idea. The vintage bar trays are a wonderful, unique gift - for a housewarming party, birthday, mothers day or anniversary. Great to bring along to a picnic when hosting a party.

WDN Painted Premium Trays Sml

1,400.00Per Piece Price Incuding all tax
  • If you’re into farmhouse rustic décor, then you’re going to love the weathered country rustic serving tray! It looks fantastic on a dining room table, ottoman, coffee table, or hutch. You’ll be amazed at how a simple accessory can tie a room together.